When we asked Orange, Calif.-based celebrity nail artist Elsbeth Schuetz to come up with a toenail art design for this month’s cover, she brought us a whole slew of nail tips to choose from. While her hand-painted nail art is always super creative and artistic, we wanted to go with something a little more simple and wearable for the cover. Inspired by tone-on-tone patterns, she created this faux-snakeskin design using layered polish and diamond-shaped rhinestones.

And when we asked her for her thoughts on the future of nail art, she told us, “Nail art will always be in demand as long as it’s simple, trendy, and can be done in ‘no time,’ according to the client.” Elsbeth is confident you can market your nail art to clients. She even offered a suggestion for this cover: “Market it to your clients as ‘Toes with Glitter, Worth a Twitter.’”


Here’s how you can do these nails:

1. Shape and file the toenails.

2. Apply one layer of base color and one layer of second color. (We layered Nailtini’s Amaretto Fizz and Dry Gin polishes.)

3. Place your embellishments down the center of the nail. (We used Nail Selection’s Glitter Crush Squares.)

4. Finish with top coat.


Elsbeth is a prolific nail artist and she always inspires us with her fresh ideas and cool concepts for nail art. She brought this tray of nail tips to show us some of her ideas for the shoot.

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