Jessica Vartoughian has a few tricks up her sleeve thanks to the last three decades of taking care of Hollywood’s elite fingers and toes. Her understanding of varying nail types and conditions has revolutionized the industry and altered the way in which manicures are offered today. Here are some of her best tips to help with common nail ailments.

Polish chipping after one day?

> Make sure the nails are clean. (Oils and creams on the nail plate will hinder the polish’s ability to adhere.)

> Gently file the nail in one direction and make sure there are no rough edges.

> Cover the entire nail with polish, including under and over the nail, and all sides and edges.

> Advise the client to apply another coat of top coat the day after the manicure to help keep nails in tip-top shape. Nails that are ridge-prone?

> Ridges are a common problem, and buffing them with a strong grit buffer will only damage the nail plate. Since most ridges cannot be corrected as they are a result of a systemic illness or an injury to the nail bed, try a concealer product like Jessana’s Flexible Fix or Jessica’s Flawless. These are made to conceal the ridges and leave a smooth finish on the nail. Now you can apply your polish without any signs of imperfections.

> Secret tip: The safest way to buff a ridged nail is with an old fashioned chamois cloth.

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