The service can be done quickly, easily, and with no mess, and if you incorporate the right products into the service, clients will appreciate the change of sensations.


1. After making your client comfortable, use a steamed towel to wipe down each leg and foot, and then apply Cool Blue all over to sanitize.

2. Remove polish if necessary. (Trim length and shape toenails now that nails are soft.)

3. Use one tablespoon — 1/2 per foot — of premeasured and warmed Almond Milk Bath and use a brush to apply it onto feet and toes.

4.Wrap foot in plastic and enclose in a warm towel. Repeat on second foot allowing product to absorb and soften for three to five minutes.

5. On first foot, remove Almond Milk Bath using a steamed towel. The moisture will break down the oil turning it milky, and it will be easy to remove. Pat dry. Now that they’ve had a chance to soften, trim nails and shape.

6. Complete cuticle care using Cuticle Away and a curette. Rinse product with soapy water from spray bottle and dry. Use nippers if necessary. Wrap foot in warm towel. Repeat on second foot.

7. On first foot use one teaspoon of ­Almond Moisture Scrub, warm in hands and apply to foot (and leg if including), being aware of any client sensitivity to the friction. Do this for one to two minutes then remove scrub with steamed towel and pat dry. On the same foot, ­apply Cuticle Eraser and a drop of Solar Oil to each toe and rub in.

8. Brush on Almond Illuminating Masque, (about one teaspoon per foot) and wrap in a warm towel. Repeat steps five and six on second foot. When second foot is in masque, return to first foot and remove any remaining masque with the towel it was wrapped in and choose from either Almond Hydrating Lotion or Almond Soothing Crème, depending on your client’s needs. Perform a foot and leg massage for three to five minutes. Wrap foot in a fresh warm towel. Repeat on second foot.

9. Use Scrub Fresh to remove oils and prep nail surface. Then buff to a high shine or apply your favorite base, color, and top coat. Finish with Solar Speed Spray.  

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