In an effort to retain clients, Emi Wayner, owner of Zenka Nail Beauty Lounge in Manhattan Beach, Calif., bought small keychain cards and began using them for VIP membership and as gift and debit cards. The pre-paid cards are easier to access, which means no smudges from digging around a wallet after a fresh manicure. She approaches specific clients to see if they want VIP membership (most say yes) and offers members incentives and discounts. “We don’t make money from the VIP program, but it keeps our customers coming back to our salon,” she says.

Wayner bought 1,500 cards from Online River for $299. Online River has graphic artists on staff to help touch up designs and logos. Another option is to rent the keychain card-making machine, but Wayner figures 1,500 cards will last her a while and the cost would have been the same.


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