Having my own business is a dream I’ve had since I was 19. I had my first son at age 15, and that experience has made me a very determined woman. I attended a school for teen mothers and there someone took me aside and told me there wasn’t any reason I couldn’t go to school and become everything I desired to be.

I received my license from beauty college and started my first job at a rented booth, but then chose to pursue domestic life, getting married and having four more boys. After that 15-year marriage ended, I found myself still interested in the beauty industry and self-employment. So, I went back to work.

It didn’t take long for me to realize my industry had changed by leaps and bounds, and I needed to get re-educated. Denise Anderson, a fellow nail tech, contacted me about an educational opportunity with Vicki Peters. I didn’t even know who Vicki was, and we still laugh about that today.

During this time, I met my new husband, Shaun. It was due to his encouragement to fulfill my dreams, several attempts at finding a salon that I fit into, and Denise’s willingness to help me that I began my journey to open my own salon.

Shaun and I pooled our resources together and began the construction of my studio. I can’t say it was without frustration, red tape, delay, and overspending. There were days when all I could do was cry. I had so many questions that there just seemed no answer to, like how to build a functioning HVAC system that didn’t cost $3,000. Did I need a handicap-accessible bathroom, and was the permit for that bathroom really going to be $2,800? Is it against city code for me to have a business sign?

I learned a lot about the legal issues of opening a home business by talking with the city many times. I can’t have a sign in a residential area, but I can have a sign on my truck and park it out in front of my salon. The city decided I could have the residential plumbing price, which was only $56, instead of a business price. I also had to have the city ask my neighbors if it was all right that I opened a salon in our neighborhood. I’m happy to say no one objected.

The project started in June 2009 and we were able to move in September 29, when I opened All Polished Up! 

I must say that three years ago, when I returned to the industry, I had no idea where it would lead me. I now own my own private studio salon, travel to different states working for Nubar at beauty shows, and have the privilege of sharing all my experiences through blogging for NAILS (blogs.nailsmag.com/blueprint). I would encourage everyone to keep seeking their dreams. It may take a while, but it’s worth the wait!


I get to travel to different states working for Nubar at beauty shows.


The salon is attached to the side of my house, in the area that used to be our carport. We enclosed and expanded it to create a garage and the salon.


I passed all the inspections and opened my studio while it was still under construction. I am unable to have a sign because I opened in a residential area, so I have to be creative with my advertising.

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