Apparently, ladies love a night at the pub — especially when it includes free manicures. The staff of Americana Nail Co. in Columbus, Ohio, recently packed up their nail gear and took it to the RedRock Pub for a very successful evening of martinis and manicures. The goal: to introduce their clients to some new products and specials — and attract new clients. “We took all of our sanitizing solutions, lotions, etc., to do hot mitted manicures, and the pub offered $4 martinis,” says Americana’s owner Leah Pruitt-Parker. “We talked about our products and services, our specials, and new products on the market. We were so busy at our first event that we actually ran out of product — it was great!”

Their next event is going to be a Minx party. “We’ll all be wearing T-shirts that say ‘Got Minx?’ We’ll offer free samples of Minx and give little fun favors too,” she says.

Pruitt-Parker promotes the events by passing out fliers to clients and the pub owner does his part to draw a crowd with posters and announcements on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. “I have actually been asked by other bar owners to do these events on Wednesdays or Thursdays to draw in more business for ladies’ nights,” she says.

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