When you look at your service menu does it stand out from the crowd? Or is it simply a list of service names (manicure, pedicure, full set) and prices? If you were to hide your logo, would your clients know that it’s your menu and not the salon’s down the street?

You want potential clients to be unable to resist your services. In addition to catchy, unique service names, you’ll want to make sure to add enticing descriptions as well. Here are a few things to think about when evaluating your service menu.

1. Be descriptive with titles. Your goal is to have your menu make clients want what you’ve got. But you also want to convince them that only you’ve got it. A good way to do this is to stay away from generic service names. Why call a pedicure the “Extreme Pedicure” when you could call it the “I’ve Been Bad Pedicure”? Why call it the “Deluxe Manicure” when it could be the “Miraculous Mani”?

2. Basic doesn’t mean blah. It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking your clients know what your basic services entail. Even if they could perform the service themselves, don’t pass up the opportunity to describe the steps, joys, and benefits of the everyday manicure or pedicure. Hype the massage, fawn over the hot oil soak, or praise the skin-saving benefits of the lotion.

3. Direct traffic for individuals. Clients come to you because you are a professional. Sometimes they’re looking for a little relaxation, sometimes they’re looking for new a new experience, sometimes they’re looking for help. If one of your services might hold a special interest for a particular age group, gender, or client type (think runner), make sure your menu points this out.

4. Make sure to mention it. As salons continue to incorporate unique, tantalizing and exotic ingredients, clients are becoming more interested in what goes into their manicure or pedicure services. So tell them the products you are using, and make them sound good. If you use a specific brand, mention it. If you use fresh ingredients, mention them. If you make your own products, mention it. If you serve an accompanying beverage or snack, mention it.

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