If you’ve heard of nail polish fanatic Amanda Mayton, you most likely know her by her alias: Dr. Frankenpolish. Starting in January 2009, Mayton has blogged about her experiments in “frankening”, or mixing her own polishes, at www.drfrankenpolish.wordpress.com. To get started frankening, Mayton recommends you have a few simple tools handy: an art tray to test polish mixes in, manicure sticks for mixing, ball bearings (found in the sporting goods section) to help the polish mix and stay together, a ton of polish colors and embellishments (like cosmetic grade glitter), and empty polish bottles in which to store your new creations. (To see a step-by-step tutorial, click on “Frankenpolish 101” in the righthand corner of the blog’s “categories” listing.)

Here are five of Mayton’s favorite frankenpolish creations:


3/4 bottle of Wet N Wild French White Creme + 1/4 of Zoya Creamy = Baby Chickadee


1/2 bottle of Wet N Wild Clear + 1/2 bottle of New York Summer Amaranth + a few drops of Wet N Wild Black Crème = Jackie Green Jelly


3/4 bottle of Love My Nails Black + 2 tablespoons TKB Gold Reflecks micro glitter pigment = King Midas Touch


3/4 bottle of Nail Tek Foundation II + 1 tablespoon of TKB Trading Grape Pigment = Flat Grape


1/2 bottle of Color Club Worth the Risque + 1/3 bottle of Wet N Wild Sapphire + 1 tablespoon Fantasy Makers silver cosmetic grade glitter = Dr. Who?

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