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Dashing Diva has a new way for you to boost your profits. The company’s Gelife Soak-Off Gel is a great entry point into the world of enhancements for your high-end manicure clients. These regular clients are the perfect candidates for an enhanced service that will ultimately leave you with more money in your pocket. Dashing Diva Professional suggests choosing a few clients who regularly get manicures and explain to them the benefits of the Gelife product (see list below).

  • Applies like polish
  • Truly soak-off removal
  • No fumes
  • No burning sensation under UV light
  • No primers needed
  • Self-leveling, non-yellowing
  • High-gloss top gel covers imperfections
  • Calcium salt content helps promote nail health
  • Compatible with other enhancements and overlays
  • Super light, flexible, and comfortable to wear

Your next step is to ask the client if she is willing to test the product (at no charge) on two of her nails. As the nail tech, you should select the nails the client tends to be the hardest on, so she will truly be able to compare the benefits of the product. You’ll use the Gelife Clear Soak-Off Gel as a base (apply two thin layers and cure after each), buff and cleanse the nails, and then apply polish and traditional top coat as usual. Send your client on her way and be prepared for her to come back wanting more.

When your client comes back for her next appointment, she usually returns asking for this upgraded service. Dashing Diva studies have shown that the polish will wear better and last up to a week longer on the nails where the Gelife was used as a base. So now you’ve converted your client to stick to her regular manicure BUT with the added Gelife base. Application time typically runs 25-30 minutes (gel goes on extremely thin and applies like a polish), and we suggest you add $10 on to your traditional manicure price. And with the cost of gel per service estimate at $2, what a great way to boost your most popular service to be your most profitable.

— Hannah Lee

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