Nail artist Sam Lynam of Arabella Nails in Bedfordshire, U.K., has developed a unique nail form to assist techs in creating fantasy nail art designs. The Fantasy Forms are made from translucent, non-stick plastic and are shaped like long nails (each form is almost 4” long). “Since the Fantasy Forms are mostly clear, you don’t get distracted by color as you would while sculpting on a traditional form over a rod,” Lynam says. “They are a must for techs who would like to pre-design complex sculptures without a model being present.” The forms are available in 10 different sizes (to accommodate different size nails, including toenails).

Lynam adds that newbie techs can especially benefit from the Fantasy Forms as they are a great place to practice creating smile lines. For more information, go to

Here’s the step-by-step for the stilettos shown.


1.  Using acrylic, sculpt a stiletto on top of the Fantasy Form. If you need a guide, draw on the form first using a permanent marker or a soft pencil. (Alternatively, you can cut the form to make a template.) To make a good stiletto shape, start at the top point and make sure both sides are straight.


2. Add drama to the design by adding a second acrylic color, making sure to keep the application thin.


3. Pinch the form at the sides to loosen the acrylic, then remove the acrylic. Using resin, apply the acrylic stiletto to a prepped nail.


4. Cover the entire nail with clear acrylic.


5.  File and shape. Remove the dust.


6.  Apply a gel top coat and cure under a UV Lamp, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

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