The Steri-Dent Dry Heat Sterilizer is an FDA-registered piece of equipment that is designed to sterilize any type of metal instrument. It is recommended that all instruments be bagged until the point-of-use to ensure their sterility and to increase client confidence. The thermostat comes preset to the sterilization temperature and, once preheated, the only step is to manually rotate the timer knob to the cycle time.

1. Ensure thermostat dial is set to “7.” The number should line up with the black indicator.

2. Preheat the sterilizer to 320° by turning the timer dial counter-clockwise to the “Hold” position. Preheat time from a cold start will take approximately 20 minutes.

3. Place metal instruments into the paper dry heat pouch and seal. (Disinfect instruments and dry before placing in pouch.)

4. Arrange instruments on the trays so they are parallel with each other; do not stack them.

5. Load trays into sterilizer and close the door. Turn the timer dial to 60 minutes. After the cycle is complete the red power light will automatically turn off.

6. Remove the trays from the sterilizer using the gripping tool provided. Use caution because the items will be hot. Let cool for approximately five minutes before using.

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