A green alternative to traditional polish remover, Wilaverde by Bodipure offers polish remover that contains no acetone or ethyl acetate. The 100% biodegradable formula is enriched with soy to condition nails, cuticles, and skin on contact and has no unpleasant odor. According to the company, it removes five times more polish per cotton application because it is non-volatile and does not evaporate quickly like traditional formulas. Use it in the salon and retail it for home use.

1. Shake well before using.

2. To hasten removal time, pre-apply directly to all nails at the start of removal.

3. Gently press and hold down a cotton ball on the nail for a few seconds.

4. Rub the nail polish off when the cotton starts sticking to the nail.

5. Thoroughly wipe off the oil from the polish remover with a hot towel or wash hands with soap.

6. Do a final cleaning around the nails using a nail sanitizer.

7. Apply nail polish and finish manicure.

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