Nicole Green, product marketing manager for Antoine De Paris, explains how to properly use an ingrown nail file.

“An ingrown toenail file is designed to file the ingrown toenails without causing damage or discomfort to the surrounding skin tissues. The design of the tool is specific for the ingrown toenail area and can safely and easily access under the nail to remove the ingrown. The Antoine de Paris Ingrown File #86 has two sides of filing surfaces: a straight side and a curved side. The curved side helps you get to the part of the nail that is about to begin growing into the soft skin surrounding the nail plate.

With careful use, the ingrown file can gently file these corners and sides and get them to grow back out safely toward the free edge.

Preventative care is always best when it comes to ingrown toenails. Cutting and filing the free edge of the toenails straight across will prevent the growth of the nail into the ingrown area.” 

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