Toe waxing can be a great add-on for pedicures. It gives the client that little extra pampering so they know their entire foot will be smooth and clean for uninhibited bare feet flashing. Experienced pedicurist Cyndi Grohowski of Polished From Head to Toe in Haddon Heights, N.J., offers these five steps on how to do a flawless toe waxing.

1. Prep toes with your favorite cleanser to remove any lotion or oils from the toes and wipe them dry.

2. If toe hair is particularly long, trim with brow scissors, being sure not to trim too short. You want the wax to adhere to the hair not the skin.

3. Apply wax to one toe at a time in the direction of the hair growth. Then apply the wax strip to the wax.

4. At this point, use the “pat and pull” method. Just press for a few seconds and then pull. Continue to do this until the hair is completely removed. Grohowski prefers the “pat and pull” method because rubbing can cause the wax to become imbedded in the cracks of the toe, making it difficult to remove even when you pull the toe taut.

After removing hair from all the toes, apply a soothing cream.

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