Essence says to kick up manicures a notch with texture, color and fun pairings. Of modern nail designs, the magazine says, "think eighties, but more refined."

Also included are photos of nail art not to miss, including silver-streaked nails with silver foil leaf. Other art includes airbrushed nails in various hues, sophisticated black-and-whites with beads or crystals, and neon hues and fun designs.

The magazine has some color suggestions that range from nude to pastel to bold, and include colors from Sally Hansen, Lippmann Collection, OPI, Essie, YSL La Laque, M2M, and Revlon. 

Arnold also gives readers these tips on making a manicure last:

1. Skip water manicures and opt for an oil soak or hand cream instead. Wear rubber gloves when washing dishes and cleaning to avoid weakening your nails.

2. Nourish nails nightly with oils.

3. Keep tips well coated with base and top coats.

To keep nails healthy, Essence says to determine "the length at which your nails begin to break, and note how your nails break to help you choose the correct base and formula. If your nails are weak and peel, use a hardening-strengthening base. If they are brittle, use a flexible coating." It also advises its readers to replenish nails with hydrating ingredients and to toss out heavy-grit files.

Finally, the magazine says this of cuticle control: "Your cuticles are living tissue deisned to protect new nail cells. When cut, they can begin to split and/or make room for bacteria to enter and cause a nasty infection. Also avoid pushing cuticles back with an orange stick or vigorous buffing."

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