Woodward Laboratories’ Mycocide Nail Fungus Test Kit is the first at-home screening kit that helps diagnose toenail and fingernail fungus. As part of the product launch, the company is offering 10,000 consumers a free test kit.

The test kit provides patients with a convenient, less expensive, and confidential way to determine if they have nail fungus in the comfort of their own home. Consumers use the provided nail clipper to collect a sample of a discolored and possibly infected nail and mail it to Woodward Laboratories in a postage pre-paid envelope. The nail is tested and a podiatric medical doctor reads and certifies the diagnosis. Results are mailed back to the consumer and if the test is positive, clients receive a coupon for Woodward Laboratories’ Mycocide NS, an over-the-counter antifungal treatment.

“As people age, they are at greater risk for nail fungus,” says Dr. Ken Gerenraich, CEO of Woodward Laboratories and a doctor of podiatric medicine. “Aging Americans, diabetics, and others should take this seriously. Ten percent of the population has nail fungus and it can be passed so easily.” Clients can go to www.IsItNailFungus.com to obtain their free kit while supplies last.


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