Vanity Beauty Lounge in San Francisco uses: Victoria’s Lavender Vanilla Body Candle, Lavender Neck Wrap, and Lavender Vanilla Bean Sugar Scrub; milk, lavender oil, flower petals, base coat, polish, top coat.

1. Light the Victoria’s Lavender Vanilla Body Candle. Place a heated Victoria’s Lavender Neck Wrap around the client’s shoulders.

2. Soak the client’s hands in a milk bath that has droplets of lavender oil and petite flower petals.

3. Prep nails.

4. Massage a small amount of Victoria’s Lavender Vanilla Bean Sugar Scrub onto the client’s hands. Remove with a damp towel.

5. Using a miniature spatula, scoop up some of the candle’s melted soy wax and massage it onto the client’s hands. Wrap the hands in a warm, moist towel for a few minutes. Wipe excess wax off of hands and nails.

6. Apply base coat, two coats of polish, and top coat.

Alternate names:  Some Like It Hot Hand Indulgence, Lavender Vanilla Mani, Leave the Light on Manicure

Price:  $38

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