VB Cosmetics has a new Manicure Starter Kit that gives you everything you need to do signature VB Cosmetics manicures using the fast-drying polish, Dazzle Dry. The kit includes cuticle remover, Dazzle Dry lacquers, Abrioné Scrub, hand cream, and more. The kit is designed to help polish adhere and stay on the natural nail longer, so clients can preserve and maintain their manicure.

1. After removing the old polish, shape the nails and soak fingertips for one minute to disinfect them.


2. Apply VB Cosmetics Cuticle Remover with Lanolin and wait 45 seconds. Wipe off product, then push back and scrape off overgrown cuticles with an orangewood stick or cuticle pusher. Spray nails with water to rinse off product. Wipe dry and apply Dazzle Dry Nail Prep.


3. Apply Dazzle Dry Base Coat and let dry completely (about one to two minutes). The base coat is dry when it loses its gloss and is no longer tacky.


4. Apply Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquer starting from one side of the nail and brushing from the base to the tip.


5. Apply Dazzle Dry Top Coat immediately after color application. Use a generous amount with similar strokes as in previous step. Make sure to seal the edges and then wait one minute.


6. Apply VB Cosmetics Cuticle Oil with Shea Butter to the cuticles.


7. Massage the lower arms with Abrioné Lavender Scrub, then apply VB Cosmetics’ Shea Butter Hand Cream and continue massage.


8. Finish with a steam towel wipe down on both arms.

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