Heavenly Soles Foot Care System — Barb’s Heavenly Hands Day Spa, Hot Springs, Ariz.
Owner Barb Copeland incorporates the Heavenly Soles system into two of her signature services, “Barb’s Beautiful Feet Pedicure,” priced at $32, and “Heavenly Soles Sports Pedicure,” priced at $27. Copeland uses the Heavenly Soles Pedi Scrub for the Beautiful Feet Pedicure, and says of the product, “I haven’t found any other product that works as good as this does for the elderly. Older skin needs to be gently exfoliated on thinning skin, and this product works perfectly for that.”

Copeland does about 90 pedicures a month during the busy season, and has been using Heavenly Soles for six years now. “My clients love the relaxing fragrances and the versatility of the system, and they keep coming back so I must doing something right.”

Bio Creative Labs’ ManiSation & PediSation — Bliss On Broadway, Long Beach, Calif. 

Camlynn Tran uses Bio Creative Labs’ PediSation and ManiSation products together in her Sensational Escape Mani/Pedi. She charges $68 for the combo service, and says using systematic product lines like ManiSation and PediSation help her master each step of the service, thus allowing her to focus more time on her customer. “Clients love the different scents and have noticed their hands and feet have improved,” Tran says, “and we also offer take home products so they can maintain their manicure and -pedicure. We’ve noticed that when customers feel they can have the -escape both at home and the salon, they become loyal clients.”

California Mango Beautiful Feet System — Teri’s Nail Care Solutions, Peoria, Ill.

Former Olympic gymnast and owner of Teri’s’ Nail Care Solutions, Theresa Montefusco-Greer created the “Clouds of Silk” pedicure using the California Mango Beautiful Feet System. -Montefusco-Greer discovered the Cal Mango Beautiful Feet system while attending a -cosmetology show in Chicago 20 years ago. She wanted to find a foot care line with naturally based formulas that also promoted retail for her patrons to use as home maintenance between visits.

She says of the kit, “It offers a unique combo of gentle cleansers with an array of conditioners and extracts,” she says. “They heal and nourish dry skin and leave the patron feeling relaxed and rejuvenated about her smooth, soft feet.”

CND’s Raw Earth Spa Pedicure System — Patrick’s of Atlanta, Buford, Ga.

Nail tech and CND education ambassador, Kimberly Jones incorporates the CND Raw Earth Pedicure System into the Rugged Gentleman’s Pedicure. The service costs $55 with available add-on treatments like paraffin and an intense callus treatment. Jones says of the service, “The Raw Earth System is very gender friendly so we have been able to target our male clientele. We offer this service with an earthy tone, such as rocks in the dishes for ambience, and a hot stone massage, with warm stones between toes while masking.”

The response has been very good so far, and Jones says that male clients seem to like the simplicity of the four-step service and that the scent of the products is very gender neutral.

Cuccio Naturalé Signature Service Kits — Holly Wood Nails Spa, South Lake, Texas
Nail tech Teresa Nguyen is a loyal user of

Cuccio Naturalé’s Signature Service Kits, offering pedicures in scents Milk & Honey, Pomegranate & Fig, and Papaya & Guava. She charges $50 for the pedicures, and $25 for manicures.

Nguyen says of the kits, “We just recently introduced the Pomegranate Pedi, and that is becoming a client favorite. They just can’t get enough of it. I wish Cuccio would come out with some big gallon sizes so we don’t have to refill so much.”

Entity Rainforest Kit — Gary’s Hair Scene, Youngstown, Ohio
Jennifer Lambert created her “Rainforest Pedicure” from Entity’s Rainforest Pedicure Kit. “I try to make the service like a trip to the Rainforest,” Lambert says. “Because believe me when I tell you that in North East Ohio, during the long, cold, dry, winter climates, this Rainforest Pedicure is a welcome diversion.”

The base price for the service is $55, and she adds an additional $20 or $50 for adding gels, which Lambert says occurs quite frequently after telling clients about the durability of gels. She says that the cold climate makes clients extra averse to pedicures, but if they know the gels last longer they’ll be more likely to sit down. Lambert likes the kit’s cost effectiveness and its ability to function as retail items as well. “There is nothing like these products,” she says. “My clients buy them all the time.”

Essie’s Essiespa Collection
Essie Weingarten, president of Essie Cosmetics, talks about how techs can incorporate the Essiespa Collection of pedicure products into a signature service at the salon.

“The first step is the soak,” Weingarten says, “Put a spoonful of the Marine Sea Salts in the water and swirl to release the oils, and let the client soak her feet for five minutes before the pedicure begins.” Then once the nail technician cuts, files, and shapes the toenails, it’s time to exfoliate and hydrate the feet and legs. “The Sea Mineral Glow has a great blend of finely ground sea minerals and essential oils for exfoliation and conditioning at the same time,” says Weingarten, “and the Hydro-Masque with towels wrapped around the feet really enhances the pleasure of a pedicure.”

FootLogix Medi-Pedi — CJ’s Centre for Beauty, Clearwater, Fla.
For owner Cynthia Adams, the choice to use FootLogix wasn’t much of a choice, “We did a special promotional event with FootLogix, offering free pedicures using their products, and my staff was so amazed at the results that they kind of cornered me in the storage room and said, ‘We have to use FootLogix from now on.’”

Adams has been in the business for 20 years, and says the comprehensive approach FootLogix takes on pedicures really has an impact with her clients. “FootLogix emphasizes foot assessment, and before we start the service we address each -client’s personal foot type and talk about how we can improve it.”

Gena Pedicure System — The Ritz, Cookeville, Tenn.  Nail tech Stacy Smith uses the Gena Sloughing Lotion, Cooling Gel, and Polish Remover in her Spa Pedicure that is priced at $35. “The Sloughing Lotion has a nice light fragrance,” she says, “And the client’s love the Cooling Gel’s refreshing feeling, especially in the summer.”

Smith actually offers the Cooling Gel as a retail item during summer months so clients can cool their heels in their own homes.

Smith uses the Gena Polish Remover because she feels it works faster than others she’s tried, and she also uses a Gena Warming Lotion for manicures, saying she likes its consistency when heated, staying warm, creamy, and not leaving a greasy residue.

Haken Cosmetics  Chocolate Pedicure — Renaissance European Day Spa, Fayetteville, N.C.
Nail tech manager Erin Drywa uses Haken’s Chocolate Mint Honey Scrub, Mask, and Lotion, as well as the Chocolate Bath Salts in her special Chocolate Mint Pedicure service. “I just love the products and I’m trying to incorporate more Haken products because they’ve worked out so well.”

Drywa features the chocolate service in February to align with Valentine’s Day, and she consistently mixes up the menu to keep her customers interested. “We’re going to add peppermint to this chocolate one for next Christmas, and we’ve just created a children’s pedicure around these chocolate products too, because the kids love chocolate.”

Jessica’s ZenSpa Line


President of Jessica Cosmetics, Jessica Vartoughian, offers her recommendations for using the ZenSpa Pedicure products. “There is quite a demand for the ZenSpa Pedicure treatment because of ZenSpa’s ability to customize,” says Vartoughian. “Techs can customize the service by choosing a different aromatherapy fragrance, like Energizing Ginger, Calming Green Tea, or Revitalizing Citrus.” Vartoughian also recommends techs charge about $30 for the service, so clients can feel like they’ve been pampered without having to pay too much.

Nouveau Spa Pedicure Products — Dorchester Career and Technology Center, Dorchester, S.C.


Rebecca Johnson is a nail technology instructor who teaches all of her new students to incorporate the Noveau Spa Pedicure Products into a signature spa-style pedicure. Johnson says the Nouveau Spa line adds a lot to pedicures and that the simplicity in each step makes for easy learning.

Johnson says of the students’ response to the products, “Our students are expected to perform a certain number of pedicures over the course of our school year, and since I introduced them to the Nouveau Spa products, they are performing way more than expected.”

Pedicure by OPI — ROB|B Salon, Studio City, Calif.

Since ROB|B Salon is an OPI Concept Salon, all of their services use top-of-the-line OPI Products. The OPI Spa Pedicure, priced at $50, uses the complete AHA Pedicure line that includes Soften, Scrub, Mask, and Massage.

Salon manager Nadine Galli says of the client response so far, “OPI is a brand built on quality and consistency, so people have come to expect the best in both products and services when they hear the OPI name. Right now the clients can’t get over the level of service they’re receiving and the quality and results they’re seeing after the service.” The salon also retails OPI Smooth, which is a top-seller.

Orly French Polynesian Island Spa Pedicure Kit
Orly’s education manager, Kristi Galiano, says the Orly French Polynesian Spa Pedicure Kit has everything a tech could need to start offering the name-sake service as soon as they open the box. Galiano recommends that techs charge $40 for the service, and adds that the kit retails for $32.95, and offers the professional 13 treatments. So with each service only costing the tech $2.53 per treatment, a $40 service price generates a great return on investment.

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