With very little training or investment, you can offer clients a new kind of enhancement service: eyelash extensions. These faux lashes, each individually applied, enhance the length, fullness, and color of natural lashes. NAILS asked Sophy Merszei, a cosmetic chemist and CEO of NovaLash, to explain some of the basics about this potentially lucrative service.

Sophy Merszei, a cosmetic chemist and CEO of NovaLash

Sophy Merszei, a cosmetic chemist and CEO of NovaLash


NAILS: Can nail techs apply eyelash extensions without any additional licensing?

Merszei: It depends on the state. Most states do not have regulations in place yet for eyelash extensions, but some do. Some states allow nail techs to do lashes, others do not. For instance, in California, the only people who can do lashes are licensed estheticians and cosmetologists.

NAILS: How long does it take to apply a set?

Merszei: When starting out, it can take up to two hours or longer to do a set. We recommend that people do not start charging for the service until they can do a full set in two hours or less.

NAILS: How often do the lashes have to be filled in?

Merszei: When using NovaLash’s Platinum Bond adhesives, clients should come in every four weeks for a refill.

NAILS: How much can you charge?

Merszei: This varies from city to city and from salon to salon. On average, a full set ranges from about $200 to $350; however, in places like New York City and Beverly Hills, a full set can get up as high as $600. On average, refills run $65 to $75.

NAILS: What kind of training, if any, is required?

Merszei: Various states have different requirements here also. However, NovaLash requires that anyone wanting to be trained by us and wanting to purchase our Platinum Bond adhesive be licensed in either the beauty or medical field. NovaLash also requires training from either NovaLash or one of our leading competitors for anyone wanting to purchase our Platinum Bond adhesive. Although training is not required by NovaLash to purchase our other products, it is highly recommended to everyone wishing to perform this service.

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