The Nail Bar, Hermosa Beach, uses: Captain Morgan’s Original Spiced Rum, Gena Tea Tree Oil, Be Natural Cuticle Eliminator and Callus Eliminator, CND Solar Oil, The Nail Bar Rum Spice Lotion, paraffin, Beautiful Feet Antiseptic Foot Spray, Man-e-Cure Matte Polish

1. Fill the pedicure basin with warm water. Add a shot of Captain Morgan’s Original Spiced Rum and several drops of Gena Tea Tree Oil. Serve the client a glass of Captain and Coke while his feet are soaking.

2. Trim and file the toenails. Apply Be Natural Cuticle Eliminator, push back cuticles, apply CND Solar Oil, and buff nails.

3. Apply Be Natural Callus Eliminator (if needed). Wait five minutes, then use a foot file on callused areas to smooth and soften.

4. Massage legs and feet with The Nail Bar Rum Spice Lotion.

5. Dip the client’s feet in unscented paraffin. Wrap the feet in paraffin bags and towels. Let sit for five minutes. Remove.

6. Clean nails with Beautiful Feet Antiseptic Foot Spray. Buff nails to a shine or apply Man-e-Cure Matte Polish.

Price: $25

Alternate Names: Rum and Soak Pedicure, Bar-Tending Your Feet, Happy Hour-Happy Feet Pedi

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