1. Check the entire exposed natural nail for attached tissue at each service.

2. Whether you use a plastic, wooden, or metal implement, be sure to use smooth, gentle pressure on the nail plate to avoid damaging the natural nail.

3. Cuticle solvents and removers are a must for cleaning the nail plate. They are available in different consistencies, scents, and active ingredients, and they are designed to soften the cuticles and aid in the removal of excess tissue. They also help prevent splitting or tearing during routine grooming.

4. With cuticle nippers and cutters, less is more. Only trim or nip areas where the excess tissue is not attached. Overdoing trimming can lead to additional tissue growth as the body repairs itself, which will lead to thicker and more obvious cuticle tissue. A good rule of thumb is, “Only trim what is standing up and waving at you.”

5. Cuticle oil is not only your best friend, but your client’s too. Daily use of cuticle oil will greatly improve the appearance and longevity of each service, and it will moisturize the skin to help prevent cuticles from becoming dry, cracked, irritated, and torn.

-Candy Corbin, Manicuring Instructor, A New Reflection, Moore, Okla.

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