Step 1: After prepping the natural nail, apply any NSI nail tip and file to an almond shape.


Step 2: In Zone 3, press out a medium wet bead of Attraction Radiant Pink mixed with Opal Shimmer. Continue to use a medium wet mix ratio throughout. In Zone 2, use a mixture of Attraction Pink Masque and Technailcolor Glistening Rose, smoothing the bead into zone 1 and lightly brushing into Zone 3. In Zone 1, use another custom mixture of Attraction Pink Masque with Technailcolors Glistening Rose and Fuchsia, slightly brushing back into Zone 2. Refine with an Endurance 180/180 File and wipe with Cleanse.


Step 3: Apply a Platinum Nail Form. Use Attraction Radiant White and press it up to, but not on top of, the already created almond shape. Continue pressing (you may need additional beads) up to the sides of the free edge. Wipe your brush and smooth the outer edges of the newly created extension following the almond shape.


Step 4: Overlay the entire enhancement with Attraction Totally Clear Powder. Remove the form. Refine the sides and surface of the enhancement using an Endurance 180/180 Grit File wipe with Cleanse.


Step 5: Finish with Glaze ‘n Go, Perma Gloss or buff to a high shine. Condition the cuticle with Nurture Oil.

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