Clothes shopping is almost always better done in person. After all, every woman knows that what looks good online (or in a catalog) doesn’t necessarily translate to what looks good on a body, and vice versa. (Plus, it’s convenient to have other shoppers around to ask the inevitable, “Does this make my butt look big?” question.) Canadian company Chi Couture Uniforms is doing its part to make salon uniform shopping a bit easier.

The company just opened a uniforms-only boutique in its native Vancouver (at 111 West 2nd Ave., to be exact) so salon owners can shop for stylish work apparel — the Felicity style is shown in the inset — in the bricks-and mortar environment. “The space correlates with the lifestyle of the female professionals that shop from us: independent, stylish, fashionable, well travelled, educated, worldly, open-minded, and environmentally conscious,” says Chi founder Agnes Dalisay. The decor is inspired by minimalist, vintage influences with a touch of Asian flair, and the space will host social functions and after-hours shopping each season.

For those of you not within driving distance or with the means to hop on an international flight, Chi also offers its uniforms for sale by traditional means like the Internet and beauty tradeshows. For more information, go to

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