Salon: Nail Fetish Inc., Chicago

Price: $50

Nail Fetish uses: Powdered milk, oatmeal, sugar, OPI Avojuice Jucie (in vanilla spice), pure shea butter, paraffin, base coat, top coat, and polish.

1. Place one cup of powdered milk into pedicure water. Place the client’s feet in the water, and a warm neckroll around the client’s neck.

2. Prep nails.

3. File the bottoms of the feet.


4. Mix together the oatmeal, sugar, and OPI Avojuice Juicie (in vanilla spice) to create an oatmeal scrub. Firmly massage feet and legs with this mixture. Rinse.

5. Massage feet and legs with a quarter-sized amount of pure shea butter.


6. Lock in the moisture with a paraffin application. Remove after five minutes.

7. Apply base coat, two coats of polish, and top coat.

Alternate Names: Oatmeal Pedicure, Rise & Shine Pedi, Moisture Replenishing Feet Treat

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