If you sell private-label products at your salon or spa, take those environmentally friendly products one step friendlier. According to November’s Target Marketing (a trade magazine for direct marketers) a smart new marketing product is earth-friendly plastic wraps made from corn.

Now you can wrap your bottles and jars in environmentally friendly shrink wrap labels that are made from compostable plant materials. While these plastics are usually made from corn, they can also come from sugar beets, switchgrass, or sugarcane.

It’s a simple six-step cycle for these plastics, according to EarthFirst’s website:

1. Plants are harvested.

2. Plants are fermented into dextrose.

3. Dextrose is catalyzed into the PLA polymer Inego polymer.

4. Products, like EarthFirst PLA film, are made with the polymer.

5. Products are composted in an industrial facility.

6. Compost is used to grow more plants.

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