NAILS would like to recognize all those that strive to keep salons up to sanitation standards; to the techs that never miss a disinfecting step, the owners that stock shelves with sanitizing sprays and liquids, and to the companies that supply them. One of the oft-overlooked characters in the drama of sanitation is the disinfection container. A professional-looking disinfection container can easily show clients that sanitation is a priority at your salon — and you’ll likely be applauded for it.


Barbicide’s Disinfection Jar is made of custom molded glass and stainless steel parts and has a lifetime guarantee against rust. It has a fitted self-draining retrieval basket that allows removal of tools without having to put fingers in the disinfectant solution. For more information go to


Backscratchers’ Soaking Tray features a non-corrosive, high-impact plastic with a patented tailgate design, which allows you to remove disinfected implements without handling them. The storage tray also has a clear plastic cover to keep disinfected implements dust-free after removing them from the soaking tray. For more information go to


ASP Aspires’ Sterilizer Tray is ideal for sanitizing manicure, pedicure, and skin care implements, as well as hair shears and sanitizable files. It has a removable basket tray that raises and lowers so you don’t have to dip fingers into the cleaning solution, and it is dishwasher safe. For more information go to


Kupa’s vibrating Ultrasonic Disinfection Machine is small enough to fit on a manicuring table, yet large enough to hold implements, bits, and disinfectable files. It can be used with any disinfection solution. For more information go to

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