According to fashion author and intuitive, Tori Hartman, spiritual accessorizing is a new trend that is closely linked to the “green” eco movement.

Today, spiritual jewelry is worn to connect us rather than separate us. “The current message is that we are only able to create true self-expression by being in harmony with the mass spiritual consciousness,” Hartman says. According to Hartman, this trend will increase as we move forward in eco-consciousness.

 “The statement necklace as seen during New York’s Fashion Week is an important signal to us,” Hartman says. “We’re seeing more and more natural and recycled materials as we use and re-use available resources in an effort to save the planet.”

 This spiritual awakening as seen through accessorizing is not limited to the elite. In July, Wal-Mart Stores launched a line of jewelry that teaches customers about mining locations and their environmental programs.

On the streets, one sees Om pendants and prayer malas, 12-Step recovery bracelets, awareness wristbands, and crystals and gemstones that are known for energetic healing.

“Crystals are now a girl’s best friend,” says Hartman. “Have you ever stopped to think that crystals and stones from the earth are here for a reason? Each emits a distinct energy.”

This diverse trend reveals a state of consciousness that shows who we are committed to becoming, opposed to who we’ve been with the recent look-at-me “bling” trend.


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