All Season NaturalsCuticle Conditioning Stick acts as both a cuticle cleaner and conditioner. The stick is made of a Mango Vanilla scented shea butter, enriched with vitamins A and E, and olive oil, and the plastic holder has an edge that gently pushes back cuticles. Use the cleaner to push back cuticles and then twist the base to apply conditioner.

Antoine De Paris’ Combo #915 is designed with the pedicurist in mind. It combines a cuticle pusher with a special cleaning head that has the smooth, rounded side angled toward the sensitive ingrown area of the nail so it pulls debris away and clear of the nail bed.

Body Toolz’ new Ergo- Push/Cleaner combines a cuticle pusher with a nail cleaner, and is ergonomically designed for comfort and control. The pusher gently pushes cuticles and the cleaner removes dirt, and the tool causes less stress on hands and wrists so techs do not get sore. The grip is also designed for wet conditions so techs have greater control during pedicures.

Entity’s Dual Ended Pusher has a long, curved cuticle pusher to work easily over longer nails, and a slanted scraper with a fine edge to entirely remove stubborn cuticle debris from the nail plate.

EZ Flow’s Pro Pusher has a double-ended design for preparing and cleaning the nail bed without scratching. The tool keeps cuticles in line and removes pterygium just by switching ends so your work is done without having to sanitize two tools. It can be used for manicures, pedicures, and on all artificial nail services.

It’s So Easy’s Double Up Nail Art Brush has a standard nail art brush on one side for detailed designs like flowers and color blending, and a large fan brush on the other for more advanced effects like flames and shading.

LCN’s Cuticle Pusher with Brush allows you to push back cuticles and brush offany excess dust left behind from filing. The rubber tip is gentle yet effective on tough cuticles, while the stiffbrush is great for removing stubborn dust caught in the nail furrows. [PAGEBREAK]

Created by Spilo’s executive vice president, Rosalyn A. Barton, the new Mehaz Roz Cuticle Nipper and Pusher features a cuticle nipper with one handle extended to include a cuticle pusher on the end. The pusher’s rounded edge is for pushing back the cuticle, then the nail technician flips the implement around to use the nipper. It is made of stainless steel and comes in ¼” and ½” jaw sizes.

Nouveau Nail’s #9 Combo Pusher/Cleaner features a 9mm spoon pusher to push back cuticles with precision, and a cleaner head to effectively clean under and around nails. The tool is made of 100% Japanese stainless steel, and is guaranteed rust-free for life, says the company.

Nubar’s Double-Sided Ingrown Nail File helps techs treat painful ingrown toenails. The curved file helps you lift and then file the ingrown nail, and the other side has a straight and thinner file to further remove the problem nail area. It is made of stainless steel and can be used in wet or dry conditions. 

Though only one-sided, OPI’s Pusher Plus implement has a sharper edge on the cuticle spoon so it can function as a basic cuticle pusher when positioned at the center of the nail and pushed forward, and as a cleaner when the tool is pulled back from the cuticle area. The sharper edge will help remove more cuticle from the nail plate. 

Tweezerman’s Master Tech Dual Contoured Pusher features both small and medium contoured pushing ends that conform to the individual size and shape of each nail. The tool can push back cuticles without scratching the nail or injuring the delicate cuticle area. The ends are also buffed smooth for gentle and easy cleaning. 

Young Nails’ Magic Wand has three tools for four functions. The spoon side gently pushes cuticles back. Flip it over and the edge of the blade scrapes away any protein built up around the cuticle area. The reverse pincher is used to squeeze perfect C-curves, and the pinchers can also be used to hold a nail tip after applying glue

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