Mint Julip uses: Trillium Organics Clementine Clove wash and oil; boiled or canned pumpkin, sugar in the raw, pure vanilla extract; Alaffia Handcrafted Shea Butter, Organics Pumpkin Hand Repair Cream; base coat, top coat, and polish.

1. Soak hands and feet in Trillium Organics Clementine Clove wash for 20 minutes.

2. Mix together 3 Tbs. freshly boiled pumpkin (canned pumpkin may be substituted), 2 Tbs. sugar in the raw, and 2 drops of pure vanilla extract to create your pumpkin fritter antioxidant mask. Add 1 tsp. Trillium Organics Clementine Clove Oil immediately before using on client.

3. Saturate your client’s legs, feet, arms, and hands generously with the mask.

4. Wrap the client’s feet and hands with hot towels (or electric booties) for 15 minutes.

5. Clean the mask off and prep nails.

6. Massage feet for 10 minutes with Alaffia Handcrafted Shea Butter. Massage hands with Organics Pumpkin Hand Repair Cream.

7. Apply base coat, two coats of polish, and top coat.

Alternate Names: Pumpkin Pie Mani/Pedi, Halloween Combo, Smashed Pumpkin Delight

Price: $55

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