This organic treatment balances the body’s root chakra while exfoliating dead skin and rehydrating with moisturizing emollients. Micro Algae and 70% Organic Ginger Bath Salts slough away dry skin, and the aromatherapeutic properties of ginger are deepened with a healing hand massage using a hydrating therapy blend of ginger moisturizing lotion and Chinese jasmine essential oil.

1. Mist the environment with Infinitely Wise Fragrant Mist and sanitize you and your client’s hands with Visionary Cleanser. Remove nail lacquer using Fluent Gentle Conditioning Lacquer Remover. Shape nail with SpaRitual Eco File.

2. Apply Cuti-Quench and massage. Combine one capful of Harmonizing Soak Tonic and one scoop of Instinctual Organic Bath Salt. Soak client’s hands. Apply Cuti-Clean to nails and cuticles. Gently push cuticles.

3. Apply Cuti-Cocktail to cuticles and massage. In a bowl, mix two scoops of Affirming Scrub Masque and one scoop of Instinctual Organic Bath Salts. Gently scrub in a circular motion upwards to the elbow. Wrap the arm in a warm towel for three minutes. Remove and pat dry.

4. Spray Eloquent Toner on hands. Mix one to two pumps of Instinctual Moisturizing Lotion and one pump of Infinitely Loving Oil. Massage hands and arms.

5. Use a nail wipe with Visionary Cleanser to ensure the nail bed is clean of residue. Apply Lacquer Lock Basecoat.

6. Apply nail lacquer. Follow with Tout de Suite Topcoat and Andalé Dry & Shine Drops. Mist again with Infinitely Wise Fragrant Mist.

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