I charge the same price even if it’s been three or four weeks. If the nails are in need of high maintenance, such as replacing many tips or damaged nails, then I will charge more. ~ BARBARA LEE, Country Nails & More, French Creek, W.Va.

I used to charge $5 for every week past two. However, I recently changed that. My new policy is that I charge the same for up to four weeks, but I charge $5 each for any missing nails. ~ DEBORAH BLATCHLEY, HFN Hands, Feet & Nails, Fort Collins, Colo.

Absolutely, I charge more for fills that go over two weeks. I charge $55 for a full set and $28 for a two-week fill. If they go three weeks, a fill is $35. If it’s four weeks, I charge $40. It sounds high but I have more work to do and, at four-weeks growth, with most people you might as well soak the nails off and put on a new set. It is kind of my way of saying, “Hey, don’t go there with me. Respect yourself and get back in within two weeks to keep your nails looking beautiful. And respect me. I don’t have that much time to spend on nails you don’t want to take care of properly.” ~ REBECCA GARDNER, Park Avenue Salon and Day Spa, Paso Robles, Calif.

I have not charged more up to this point, but recently a lot of people have been skipping appointments. The next time they come in, it is so much more work to take length off, rebalance, and deal with any lifting. With the economy, I have to be careful not to offend, but I am going to institute a price increase for three- to four-week fills. The only time I won’t apply this is when I take a two-week vacation. Also, if the weather is bad, I don’t expect someone to risk their lives for their nails, but I will give them the option of another day. ~ CINDY WENTZEL, Nails at the Carriage House, Newmanstown, Pa.

We do all our fills at three to four weeks. We currently do not have anyone that comes every two weeks. We did at one point and we charged her $20 every two weeks (as opposed to our usual $45) so it worked out to the same charge. ~ CARRIE KOHUCH, About U Salon & Spa, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

I do not charge extra for a fill if it has been longer than two weeks unless I have to replace some nails. I would also charge extra if I had to remove a lot of product and re-cap the nails. ~ BECKY BENCE, Salon 505 The Day Spa, Austin, Texas

I have found that certain clients can easily go three or four weeks and still have perfect nails. I see no need to charge extra for clients who, although they may be going longer between fills, do not need extra work for repairs. I have recently considered raising my prices, but instead decided to charge extra for nails that require more work or repairs at their scheduled appointment, no matter how long they have gone between appointments. ~ PAM KAROUSIS, Nail Designs, Cortland, Ohio

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