the salon: Carter's Salon, Grafton, Wisc.

the price:  $70

Carter’s uses: Gena Pedi Septic Foot Spray and PediIce, Qtica Pomegranate Lime Foot Soak, Sugar Scrub, Moisture Mask, and Lotion; OPI foot files; base coat, top coat, and polish.

1.  Welcome clients into the room with a pomegranate-scented candle, a pomegranate martini, and an ice cream desert.

2.  Sanitize the client’s feet with Gena Pedi Septic Foot Spray. Then place feet in warm water with Qtica Pomegranate Lime Foot Soak.

3.  Prep nails.

4.  Exfoliate feet with a combination of sloughing lotion, OPI foot files, and Qtica Pomegranate Lime Sugar Scrub. Rinse off scrub.

5.  Apply Qtica Pomegranate Lime Moisture Mask. Let it dry for 10 to 15 minutes, then use hot towels to remove the mask.

6.  Massage Qtica Pomegranate Lime Lotion in from the knee down.

7.  Finish the pedicure with cooling gel Gena PediIce, and polish.

Alternate Names:  Pomegranate Lime Pedi, Pom-Pom Pedicure, Zesty Pedi

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