Celebrating and honoring the miracle of our physicality is a gateway into greater consciousness—after all, our feet touch the earth and keep us grounded, but our heads are in the air, clouds, or heavens, if you prefer. This unbroken connection inspires our new Aura Balance Rituals for Hand, Body and Foot. Our newest products balance and align the energies of the two most primal chakras, Root and Sacral. When these fundamental energy sources are in tune, we feel solid, stable, and secure. Feeling this deep, essential sense of safety allows us to move beyond pure survival mode. We are able to play, to create, and to reach out to others.

Instinctual® Organic Bath Salts, now offered in the sweetly spicy essential oil of Ginger, fires the flame of the red-visualized Root Chakra, which is the basis of our sense of self. Used as a soak, the warming properties of Ginger ease muscular aches and pains, soothe arthritis, improve circulation, and awaken a sluggish libido. Yum! The aroma of Ginger has also been praised for centuries for its ability to soothe nausea, motion sickness and morning-sickness.

Organic Moisturizing Lotions enhance the vibrational resonance of the second or Sacral Chakra. High function within this orange-hued vortex allows us to experience emotion more completely, without blockage. We offer the Lotions in three alluring organic formulas: Frankincense, which deepens breathing, relaxes and rejuvenates; Geranium, which brightens mood and eases stress; and Eucalyptus, which tones the immune system, releases pressure from respiratory congestion and colds, and soothes muscular aches and pains.

Nothing can truly “go right” when there is unresolved disturbance in the two deepest Chakras, namely the Root and Sacral Chakras. These are the primal energy-source from which all else arises. With this in mind, we must move away from our modern view of the body as the enemy. The body may be imperfect. It may not resemble the bodies in the fashion pages closely enough to please us, but rather than punishing the body, we celebrate it. To paraphrase the great mystical poet Rumi, the body, like the soul, is here for its own joy. Honor and enjoy yours!

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