Gelousy Gel Nail Systems’ CEO Erick Westcott has done his bit — and then some — for the environment. The company has put in high-efficiency air conditioners, started a recycling program, installed fluorescent lights, and uses electricity generated by either wind or geothermal technologies. Feel inspired? Here are Westcott’s tips for making your salon more green:

1. Change all of your incandescent light bulbs to compact fluorescent or LED.

2. Install motion sensors in the restrooms, break room, and dispensary. The lights will go on when the door opens or someone enters the room. Then they will go off after a few minutes if there is no motion.

3. Replace your old hot water heater with an instant hot water system. It will provide you with a never-ending supply of hot water when you use it, but you won’t be using energy to heat water when it is not in use. Or better yet, convert to solar.

4. Have your windows tinted. There are new window films that won’t block the view but they will block out most of the UV rays and much of the heat.

5. Install a programmable thermostat. Then you can adjust the program each season, there will be no more fighting over the temperature, and you never have to worry about leaving the air-conditioning set at 65° all night.

6. Install a ceiling fan to help even out the temperature so your air conditioning system is not overworked.

7. Start a recycling program. Buy a few trash cans just for recycling and place them next to the regular trashcans. Make sure you get ones with a lid and mark the top “recycle only.”

8. Never throw away any old computers, electronics, or rechargeable products such as clippers. Always call the manufacturer and ask them how to properly recycle them.

9. Switch all of your paper, business cards, stationery, etc. to 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

10. Ask your electric company if they have a renewable electricity program, where you can purchase renewable electricity instead of non-renewable. If they don’t, look into purchasing renewable energy credits.

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