Acing the C-Curve

by Staff Writer | June 1, 2008

Sometimes it can be tough to get that C-curve to bend perfectly, and the squeezing technique can lead to too narrow of a curve. For years techs have used brush handles or other similar shaped objects to form C-curves. But today there are many companies offering special C-curve sticks to help techs get that ideal curve. Cindy Davis of Studio 1632 in Ridgecrest, Calif., shows how to properly use a C-curve stick so you can ace your next C-curve.


1. Find the proper size C-curve stick by using the cuticle as a guide. Use the stick that is closest in size to the cuticle area.


2. Place the C-curve stick under the free edge after removing the nail form (or under your tip when using tips). Your free edge should be set up at this point, but still movable.


3. Gently mold the sides of your free edge around the C-curve stick with your index finger and your thumb. Hold it in place long enough so that your free edge does not move out of that position. At this point, you are only molding the free edge of your nail.


4. Once the C-curve on your free edge is properly molded, you are going to mold the stress area of the nail to match the free edge. To do so, place your thumbnails on the sides of the nail at the stress area and mold the nail in a downward motion with both thumbs. Do not press your thumbs inwards; doing so can cause pressure on the nail plate, can be painful to your client, and can lead to onycholysis.


5. A properly structured C-curve allows for a very thin enhancement while maintaining strength and durability

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Professional Manicure Tool Kit


Professional Manicure Tool Kit


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