On a recent trip to Rome, Zvi Ryzman, president of American International Industries (A.I.I.), met with Pope Benedict XVI. An invitation to meet the Pope is an honor extended to few people and Ryzman was aware of the compliment.

“It was a great pleasure to shake hands with such a respected theologian,” says Ryzman. “I asked that he bless the many people who work with A.I.I. and their families, as many regard him as their spiritual leader.” The “many people” include over 700 employees at the Los Angeles headquarters and hundreds of other people associated with the company around the world.

Upon his return, Rzyman gave each of his employees a copy of a photo showing his meeting with Pope Benedict and a rosary blessed by the Pope. The card included a message — in English and in Spanish — which read: “May God bless each of you and watch over you and your family.”

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