The Salon: Element Day Spa, Los Angeles

Price: $70


Element uses: Cuccio Naturalé Scentual Spa Signature Service Enhancement Kit (Milk & Honey): AquaLeaves, Pedicure Fizz Balls, Exfoliating Sea Salts, Body Butter Blend, Deep Dermal Transforming Wrap; sanitizing spray, base coat, polish, top coat. 

1.  Add a Cuccio Milk & Honey Fizz Ball and AquaLeaves to the pedicure tub. Soak the client’s feet in the milk and honey bath for five minutes.

2. Prep nails.


3. Exfoliate client’s legs and feet with Cuccio Milk & Honey Sea Salts. Rinse with warm water and pat dry using a hot towel.


4. Using the provided application brush, apply a generous amount of Cuccio Deep Dermal Transforming Wrap onto the client’s legs and feet. Cover the areas with clear plastic wrap, then cover with warm towels for 10 minutes. Wipe off the mask with the towels and pat dry.


5. Massage the Cuccio Milk & Honey Body Butter Blend into the client’s legs and feet.

6.  Clean the nail bed with sanitizing spray, then complete the pedicure with polish application.

Alternate Names:  The Land of Milk & Honey, Sole Soothing Service, Honey I’m Home Pedi 

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