The new Clean Touch Pipe-Free technology from European Touch is designed by nail technicians for nail technicians. Geared to simplify the cleaning of your spa between clients, Clean Touch technology is available on the new European Touch Rinato Spa. The Clean Touch System consists of the Clean Touch Cover, Base, and Impeller. These components work together to create a revitalizing water massage for your clients, and are lightweight and compact, making them easy to remove and sanitize.


1. After the pedicure service, fully drain the pedicure spa and use the hand sprayer to rinse all surfaces in the basin. Then remove the Clean Touch components from the basin.


2.  Separate the Clean Touch Base from the Cover by twisting it counterclockwise.


3.  To remove the Clean Touch Impeller, simply lift up.


4. Using an EPA-registered disinfectant, thoroughly clean all surfaces including basin walls and Clean Touch components in accordance with your state board regulations.


5. Reassemble the Clean Touch Base with the Cover, then reinstall all components back into place. (Note: As a safety precaution, a sensor in the basin will detect if components are not securely in place. The spa will not operate unless all components are properly secured.)

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