Nail tech Darcy Olin, who owns a home-based salon called Tips to Toes, has just signed on to offer pedicure services at a local doctor’s office.

In Pulaski, N.Y., Dr. Jay Sullivan runs a medical practice and the neighboring Laser Center of Pulaski, which offers laser services to treat skin issues such as sun spots, acne, scars, or skin tightening. In a private room, Olin will provide different levels of pedicures, from basic care to a spa-style pedicure complete with an exfoliating scrub, moisture mask, and massage.

Since sanitation is extremely important in a doctor’s office, Olin will use Footsie Bath tubs with disposable liners and items that are autoclave-safe or disposable so clients have the “added protection and piece of mind,” she says.

In order for Olin to booth rent, the office was required to obtain an Appearance Enhancement License. Clients will not be billed for insurance, but invoices will be printed out for those who want to submit forms, in case their insurance does cover the treatment.

Olin will be working part-time with patients who, says Dr. Sullivan, may be too embarrassed to admit they don’t take proper care of their feet. “Having Darcy available to provide pedicures and hygienic foot care in my office has enabled me to make a more comprehensive preventative foot management program possible,” he says.

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