Salon: The Nail Lounge, Naples, Fla.

Price: $32

The Nail Lounge uses: Fresh lemon, organic sugar, grapeseed oil, Qtica Mandarin Honey Moisture Mask and Mandarin Honey Lotion, Ergo Soy Candle (in lemon verbena)

1. Light a lemon-scented candle next to the client to begin the experience.

2. Shape nails.


3. Dip a lemon half into grapeseed oil, then organic sugar. Use this to exfoliate the client’s hands.

4. Apply softener to cuticles, then place in mitts. 

5. Have the client wash her hands.

6. Apply Qtica Mandarin Honey Moisture Mask.

7. Perform cuticle maintenance.

8. Remove the mask with a hot towel.


9. Massage the client’s arms and hands with Qtica Mandarin Honey Lotion.

10. Prep and Polish. Garnish with lemon slice nail art if desired.

Alternate Names: Lemonade Mani, Brighten-Up Manicure, All Sugared Up Service

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