There’s no denying our industry has been the object of some pretty negative publicity for quite some time. But has the hubbub surrounding salon sanitation had a measurable effect on your business? The answer for most is “no,” according to a poll of NAILS readers. Less than 5% of respondents said the bad press has hurt their business. And some have said it has actually been a positive: “If anything, I think it has helped,” said one respondent. “I put in two new pipeless pedi-spas that set me apart from low-cost salons.”

A small number of respondents (1.4%) have addressed sanitation concerns by eliminating their whirlpool spas: “We have removed our pedicure throne and redesigned a new area that includes two regular pedi stations.” Still others (5.9%) have used consumer concerns to initiate a dialog with customers. “More clients have asked about the cleaning procedures we use. We have worked closely with our clients explaining how we clean our implements and other equipment.”

Has the bad press about the nail business hurt your business?

70.9%   No.

14.2%   It actually helped.

5.9%   Clients are more aware and ask more questions, but it hasn't hurt business.

4.7%   Yes, it's hurt business.

1.8%   Somewhat.

1.4%   No, because we've eliminated whirlpool spas.

1.1%   Not yet.


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