To help urbanites get some rest from their non-stop schedules, New York City’s Yelo offers sanctuaries in the form of private power nap and reflexology treatment rooms.

Yelo, which opened in February 2007, is not only a place for people to relax; it’s a place to catch up on good sleep. Customers go into high-tech sleep cabins, or YeloCabs, that are designed to rejuvenate the body within minutes. Nappers can customize their naps by choosing from a variety of aromatherapy smells and using personal settings for the room’s sounds and lighting.

YeloNaps range from 20 to 40 minutes long and are priced between $12 and $24. Yelo Reflexology for the hands, feet, and/or ears can also be combined with the nap or purchased separately.

With 72% of spa guests reporting that they’ve fallen asleep during a treatment and two out of three wanting their spas to provide a place where they can sleep, according to SpaFinder, it’s no wonder spas like Yelo are focusing specifically on sleep. Yelo will be opening two more nap havens in 2008, but the locations have not been finalized.

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