Zi Spa uses: Napa Valley Spa brand: Grapeseed Bath Tea, Grapeseed and Rosemary Scrub, and Lavender Grapeseed Lotion; hot stones, paraffin, polish, base and top coats.


1. Steep the client’s hands in Napa Valley Spa Grapeseed Bath Tea.


2. Exfoliate hands with Napa Valley Spa Grapeseed and Rosemary Scrub.

3. Massage in Napa Valley Lavender Grapeseed Lotion.

4. Perform a hot stone massage.

5. Dip hands in, then remove paraffin to lock in moisture.

6. Prep nails.

7. Apply base coat, two coats of polish, and top coat.

Price: $45

Alternate Names: Wine Lovers Manicure, Grapeseed Service, Taste of Napa Valley

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