Dashing Diva uses: Jellybath foot soak, Dashing Diva brand products: Lemon Zest Cleanser, Limoncello Sugar Scrub, Strawberry Gelato Moisture Masque, Honeysuckle Body Soufflé Lotion; Capri Glow Shimmering Body Lotion, polish, base and top coats.

1. Cleanse the client’s legs and feet with Dashing Diva Lemon Zest Cleanser.

2. Soak the client’s feet in warm water. Add Jellybath-brand foot soak to the water to create a fluffy jellylike blue goo.


3. Exfoliate feet and legs with Dashing Diva Limoncello Sugar Scrub.


4. Apply Dashing Diva Strawberry Gelato Moisture Masque to feet.

5. Massage feet and legs with Dashing Diva Honeysuckle Body Soufflé Lotion.

6. Polish nails.

7. (Optional) Apply a shimmering body lotion to legs, giving the hint of a summer tan.

Alternate Names: Capri-cious Pedi, Jelly Pedicure, Italian Summer Service

Price: $65

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