Nail technician Tom Bachik is no stranger to photo shoots. In addition to quite a few NAILS covers, he’s also done more than his fair share of consumer magazine, television, and film work. The list of celebrities he has worked with recently includes an A-list roster like no other — Victoria Beckham, Beyonce, Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz, Gwen Stefani, and Eva Longoria to name just a few.

For NAILS’ 25th anniversary issue — our silver anniversary — Tom created these impressive high-gloss, chrome nails using a new nail coating called Minx. “I wanted to complement the silver cover theme with something special. The Minx coatings allowed me to create extreme nails that wouldn’t have been possible with just liquid-and-powder and nail polish,” says Tom. “I used this product on Beyonce for a recent awards show and Victoria Beckham for the kick-off to the Spice Girls tour in Los Angeles.”


Here’s how he did the nails:

1. Prep the natural nails and apply Entity's Clear Evolution Nail tips using a small amount of Fuse Nail Adhesive along the free edge.

2. File nails to desired shape and length. Remove dust and debris from the nail surface. Apply Entity Nail Dehydrator and a very thin coat of Nail Primer or Nu Bond Non-Acid Nail Primer.

3. Apply a thin overlay using Entity Success Sculpting Liquid and Clear Sculpting Powder. File and shape the nails.

4. Use a dry manicure brush to remove all debris from the nail surface. Seal and protect your sculptured nails by applying one thin layer of Entity UV Gel Top Coat. Cure for two minutes in a 36-watt UV lamp.

5. Before applying Minx nail coatings, select the correct size from the nail template that best fits the nail plate. If necessary, use cuticle scissors to trim the width and cuticle area for a perfect fit. Peel the Minx coating from the backing sheet and hold it under a heat source to soften and make it more pliable. (In this case, I used an ordinary blow dryer on a medium heat setting.)

6. Under the heat source, place the coating on the nail. (It can be used on natural nails or enhancements.) Place the edge of the coating as close to the cuticle as possible. Starting with the center of the nail, apply pressure working to the edges of the nail from the base toward the tip. If the coating buckles, lift the section affected and replace accordingly until smooth.

7. Finish the look by filing off any excess material using a Minx crystal nail file to create a smooth edge.

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