1. After preparing and cleansing the nail, use Masterbond and Base gel. Cure the Base gel for one minute. Build your smile line with two layers of Masterbuild and cure between coats. Build the height of the smile line thicker than what your finished thickness will be.
  2. Apply two coats of Masterbuild Extra White Gel. Use more product than you needs so that you can push the product into the smile line, but do not let your brush actually touch the smile line. The first coat of white should be a thin coat, and the second should be thicker. Cure between coats.
  3. This is what the nail will look from a side view before you file.
  4. After you remove the original layer, shape the entire nail except for the length. Dust and apply master Sealant. Cure for 2-3 minutes. Remove residual layer and file the length and shape of the nail the length after the sealant, the nail will look natural from the side view.

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