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Hot Hollywood Nails

by NAILS staff | July 1, 2007

Seven techs dreamed up nail art designed to sizzle on the red carpet. Asked to fashion art for a celeb of their choice, their creations run the gamut from soft to sexy.

Kimberly Connolly-Preston

Kimberly’s Nail Artistry

Kenton, Ohio

“As soon as I heard ‘celebrity nails,’ I thought I’d stay in the music industry to keep it interesting I also thought that to keep it challenging and original, I should design nails for a man. After that, there was no question as to who it was going to be. Rock on, Jon Bon Jovi, from a big fan.”

Karen Meyer

Indulge Salon & Spa

Wingate, N. C

“I used pink, orange, and yellow with glitter top coat to show off Par4is’ Hollywood glamour lifestyle I also incorporated her catch phrase, ‘That’s hot,’ into the design. I chose Paris because she lives her life large and loves to party.”

Vu Nguyen

Provence Salon & Boutique

Bonsall, Calif.

“The nail design is based on tattoo art, Pink is really into tattoos, and so am I. She is opening her own tattoo shop, so it would be cool if she had tattoo nails. The nail started off with a pink background with some tribal designs done with acrylic paint. Then, I made a 3-D skull and a couple of flowers and painted the 3-D objects with acrylic paint.”

DJ Beal

Sassy Nails Salon

Gettysburg, Pa.

“I like Gwen Stefani’s unique style and free spirit. I’d like to design her nails to match her stylish clothing, hairstyles, and down-to-earth personality. I chose a red polish with a black and white handpainted flowing design, because I think it fits her fiery, yet fun-loving personality. The design would go well with her red lipstick and blonder hair.”

Julie Brown

Fancy Feet & Nails

Plainfield, Wis.

“I chose Dakota Fanning because she’s wonderful young actress. My two girls just loved Charlotte’s Web and love her as well. I chose neutral colors for her and used the animal theme from the movie. I created the nail using colored acrylic.”


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