Food & Drink
tortilla chips and salsa/guacamole
bite-size slices of Mexican-style pizza
mini-flan custard cups

piñata (consider filling it with trial-size retail products for party favors)
strings or clusters of chili pepper lights
sombreros (try placing these at the reception desk to set the mood)
brightly colored (red, yellow, and orange) manicure towels
potted cacti

Specialty Service

Margarita Pedicure
courtesy of Radiant Salon, Carson City, Nev.

Soak the guest’s feet in water that’s enhanced with a shot of tequila (for detoxification). Exfoliate legs and feet with a blend of sea salts and organic essence of lime oil. Trim, file, and buff toenails. Massage lime body butter into legs and feet. Drizzle warm coconut oil, infused with lime and ginger, over the legs and feet. Place feet in heated booties for five minutes. Polish nails.

Alternate Names
Welcome to Margaritaville
Cinco De Mayo Party

Listen To
The Best of Ricky Martin (Ricky Martin)
Buena Vista Social Club (Ry Cooder; Buena Vista Social Club)
compilation CD of mariachi, salsa, or mambo songs


Food & Drink
green tea with mint
red wine*
hummus with pita bread
eggplant salad

cinnamon-scented candles
“magic” lamps
Moroccan fabric tent (consider using it to give privacy to certain services during the party)
large richly colored (deep reds or purples)
pillows (strewn on the floor)

Specialty Service

The Moroccan Pedicure
courtesy of Just Calm Down, New York, N.Y.

Soak the party-goer’s feet in a spicy blend of hot yogurt and fresh mint. Exfoliate calves and feet with a couscous scrub. Rinse then file, shape, and polish toenails.

Alternate Names
Salon Casablanca
Pita Party

Listen To
Aladdin soundtrack (Disney)
compilation CD of belly dance or trance music
live drummers


Food & Drink
pina coladas*
fruit smoothies
assorted tropical fruits
coconut shrimp

bright-colored flowers
palm tree branches or inflatable palm trees
beach umbrellas, plus mini-umbrellas for drinks

Specialty Service

Grated Coconut & Passion Fruit Pedicure
courtesy of HIVE Salon + Spa, Los Cabos, Mexico

Soak the client’s feet in a blend of Dead Sea salts, tropical essential oils (like grapefruit and tangerine), and passion fruit extract. Prep nails. Exfoliate using a scrub made of coconut oil, almond oil, essential oils, organic sugarcane, passion fruit extract, and freshly grated coconut. Massage calves and feet with a balm made of honey, coconut oil, and Shea butter. Polish toenails.

Alternate Names
Tropical Getaway
Sand & Surf Social

Listen To
Legend (Bob Marley)
All the Great Hits (Jimmy Buffet)
compilation CD of soothing surf sounds

party#3: FONDUE FETE

Food & Drink
cheese and chocolate fondue (in pots throughout the salon)
assorted fruits, vegetables, and bread (for dipping)
bite-size brownies
sparkling cider

Hershey Kisses
chick flick movie posters
scented candles
winter decor (like snowflake cutouts or fake snow on the windows)

Specialty Service

The Chocolate Pedicure: “Godiva’s Goddess”
courtesy of A Perfect Pair Salon & Spa, Dunedin, Fla.

Soak the invitee’s feet in a warm dark chocolate soak made with cocoa powder and chocolate extract. Prep toenails. Exfoliate with a scrub made of Epsom salt, chocolate extract, and peppermint oil. Apply a whipped chocolate soufflé mask, made with cocoa, heavy cream, oatmeal powder, and honey. Rinse feet, then massage in chocolate Shea butter and a chocolate oil drizzle. Polish nails.

Alternate Names
Death by Chocolate
Dip Into a Good Time

Listen To
Billboard #1s: The ’70s (Various Artists)
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory soundtrack
compilation CD of music from Switzerland (fondue’s country of origin)


Food & Drink
martinis and specialty martinis*
assorted olives
bar nuts

various martini or other beverage glasses used as flower vases or filled with decorative marbles
bar menu-style salon menu
olive green helium balloons
martini-themed napkins and plates

Specialty Service

Cosmopolitan Manicure
courtesy of Lavender Nail and Body Studio, Oakland, Calif.

Soak the guest’s hands in a martini glass filled with cranberry soak, red food coloring, fresh lime slices, and Epsom and rock salts. Exfoliate her hands and lower arms with lime zest sugar scrub. Wrap hands in steamed towel for a minute, allowing sugar crystals to dissolve. Slowly pull off the towel to remove the scrub. Prep nails. Massage cranberry cream onto hands and arms, then massage lime zest cream onto hands and arms. Polish nails.

Alternate Names
Martini Mixer
Beauty and the Bar

Listen To
Sex & The City: Music from the HBO Series (Various Artists)
Dirty Martini: A Sultry Blend of Lounge and Chill (Various Artists)
compilation jazz CD

*For any of these parties, don’t forget to check your state’s liquor licensing laws before serving alcohol in the salon. You can do a Google search for “Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control” and your state name to find out specific rules. Also consider offering virgin substitutes for clients who want non-alcoholic options.


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