These temporary glittering accessories are a perfect additional service to offer clients for special occasions or to show off suntanned skin. The system is easy to apply with a fine glitter powder, body glue, and a variety of stencils. Tattoos last up to one week and can be removed by washing them off.

1. Select a Body Glitter Form and place it on the body to determine the ideal position. Prep the area with Cleaner to make sure the skin is oil-free. Then, carefully remove the paper on the back of the form and press it into position. Remove the inner portion of the stencil with tweezers, so the exposed skin area corresponds with the desired design.

2. Using a flat gel brush, apply an even layer of LCN Body Glue to the exposed skin area of the design.

3. Use the shaker to dust LCN Body Glitter Powder in the desired color onto the glue until it is completely covered. Get creative with several colors on one tattoo. Using the brush or your finger, pat the Glitter Powder evenly over the exposed area.

4. Make sure glue is completely dry before carefully removing the remaining portion of the stencil with tweezers. If necessary, use a blow dryer on a low setting to speed up the drying time


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